The Relationship Between Social Media Buzz and TV Ratings | Nielsen Wire

An interesting Neilsen report on the relationship between social media buzz and tv ratings. One of the biggest hurdles facing most Transmedia projects is understanding the value proposition of those kinds of projects. They can incur a substantial production cost for creative property and many traditional producers don’t understand their value. Like all Transmedia you need to pick your channel carefully. In this case the strongest correlation between social media buzz and television ratings was in the younger demographics (12-17 and 18-34). It is an important consideration as any show aiming at a older demographic wouldn’t be likely to have much of an impact on television ratings. Rather than being a failure, it would be an example of wrong transmedia channel for that demographic. That also brings up another good point though, not all programming needs to consider transmedia channels for their property. The hype around transmedia and second screen is considerable at the moment but the most intelligent decision might be to look through the hype and understand if it is even the best tool for your project at all.


The Relationship Between Social Media Buzz and TV Ratings | Nielsen Wire.