My name is Michael Magee and I’m involved in a number of media and technology projects on several different levels including artistic, academic and commercial level. In order to be able to design, plan and implement these projects I’ve become familiar with a wide variety of web and media technologies.

I also do a lot of work with business and technology, having worked with several tech start-ups providing mentoring and business management. The businesses range from social web applications to robotics. The social web applications are really more like social experiments to try to understand how to identify and connect with niche markets that would be interested in a product or creative property. The products of this software development explore new models of collaboration as well as evolving business models for distribution of digital and physical content. My roles in these projects have included chief operating officer, project manager, fund-raiser, user interface design, information architect and software implementation.

I have just graduated from a PhD program at the University of Calgary.  My most recent research has focused on the cognitive and psychological impact of long-term use of technology. Specifically, the work is looking at the personal epistemology, or worldview, of long-term video game players and how that game play affects their attitudes towards knowledge and learning.


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