I am a creative and results driven leader with several years of proven technology, product design and business model design and implementation. I have a strong passion for combining creativity and value in order to build truly innovative products.

I have been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures including technology start-ups. I have co-founded a number of those start-ups that range from educational technology to digital publishing.

I have excellent communication skills combined with several publications for both academic and business audiences.

My PhD examined cognitive biases and motivations demonstrated by users in technology mediated environments as well as how technology experiences could be used to alter an individual’s worldview. A simple answer to that complicated sentence is “yes”, technology can change people’s beliefs, for both better and worse outcomes.

My current interests is on cognitive computing and how it will impact both the economy and the current workforce. I was nominated by the Yidan Prize for project work on the creation of an adaptive learning technology solution to address workforce disruption due to automation and AI.

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