The Future of Work

Workforce disruption is currently being caused by the rapid adoption of automation and intelligent systems that are enabled by rapidly evolving digital technologies. Globalization affected workers in very similar ways by removing labour demand in areas like the United States and shifting it to other countries. Workers affected by this latest wave of technology driven disruption will need to remain employable in order to limit the disruption to their lives and as well as society. This will require an educational strategy to address the need for significant and immediate retraining or upskilling. The operationalization of this strategy at scale is a daunting task and cannot be accomplished with traditional methods. It will require a mix of new methodology and technology (the internet of learning (IoL)) to maximize workforce productivity and minimize personal disruption

To achieve these goals, the team is building an on-line assessment and curriculum development tool to determine the student’s current competency and required competency based on the student’s desired career. The tool then provides a highly personalized curriculum designed to give the student the required competency as quickly and efficiently as possible. The offered curriculum will be based on a number of criteria including gender, age, geography, and technical background and determined using a naïve Bayesian machine learning algorithm.

Digital Autonomous Organizations

Creating management systems in order to manage risk in an organization has been a goal of organizations for decades. The idea that you can create a system that has a series of rules and process in place that can identify and mitigate risk has been increasingly popular as organizations become more complex and risks can quickly escalate to the point where the existence of an organization is threatened.

These systems have traditionally been run by the people in an organization but technology has made many organizations extremely complex. New technologies, such as Machine Learning and Blockchain offer new opportunities for companies to create controls and allow them to be manage autonomously, reducing the operational costs of the system and increasing the chance of problems being identified quickly.


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